why did the price on the BOSS get dropped?

people say that the BOSS was a pretty good yoyo for 85$ but now that its 65$… doesn’t that sound too good to be true? ;D
So were any changes made to the BOSS? If not, then I have to get one!

They probably outsourced it to China. Or changed the material of the yoyo.

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yes thier were changes to the BOSS but since its not augie’s main sig they droped the cost but im sure it plays like the BOSS we know.

Or, maybe they’re trying to compete with Duncan metals.

Exactly why I don’t buy their stuff anymore.

I have no idea what people have against Chinese made products. They seem to get the delusion that because they make all the cheap plastic stuff that all their products are low quality, but if those things were made in america, I highly doubt they’d be any better.

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Maybe they want to clear them out. :wink:


Things that needa go get sold for less.

It’s not marked as made in China so that’s not it.

Maybe they just want more people to be able to afford and use some of their more expensive yoyos.

Since when do all things made in china say “made in china” on them.

Maybe so much stuff is made in china, china has a pretty good economy while ours is dropping cause everything manufacturing is now made in china?

I don’t believe Chinese made products are of poorer quality compared to American made products. Humans and machines are the same regardless of what country they’re located. What matters is the quality control standards these companies have. I just don’t like when companies outsource jobs to foreigners for profit. This is a big reason why the economy is so bad and the gap between the poor and wealthy is getting bigger right now. The company I work for, for example, got rid of 90% of their American help desk technicians and moved those jobs to India and Malaysia. I spoke to the head of help desk operations back when I was at their headquarters in Baltimore in March and asked him why they did that and his reply was, “Money. The cost to employ someone in India is one tenth what it is to employ someone in America for the same job.”

It’s too true American companies pay foreigners a fraction of what they would pay Americans.

Of course you really take a chance that the new guy is fluent in english w/o an accent. Ever call qwest (now century link) support. You’'ll be lucky to get one you can understand.

(No offense intended to our foreign members)

Let’s not get too far off topic here. :wink:

All YoYoFactory products made in China are marked as such to conform with CPSIA regulations.

someone said there were changes to the BOSS. does anyone know what the changes are?
And arn’t all YYF yoyos made in china now? TBH I think canadian yoyos are the best :stuck_out_tongue:

not all yyf are made there, no. I know for sure atleast the monster isn’t.
And canadians know there stuff. lol
but other companies know what’s up to. general yo, ilyy, x3, werrd, etc.

Let’s clear up some rumors here:

The new Bosses are NOT made in China.
The new Bosses are brand NEW and were created due to high demand.
The new Bosses are the SAME metal and SAME quality.

I want more players to be able to try this yoyo. The simple reason for the price drop is that both YYF and myself are making less money off the yoyo.I think it’s a phenomenal yoyo, and I would like to get it into more players’ hands. :slight_smile:

Thanks augie! I’m like super excited now haha. It also comes in cool new colors which sometimes adds $5-10. but the BOSS was dropped $20! yay!

If people WANT to pay more they can just send the cash to YoYoexpert an envelope?

The only real competition for BOSS is Yuuksta, NOVA and G-Funk, and we wanted to get it to them all on the same price. It means we make a little less but yeah, worth it to make sure a great yo-yo is available. As Augie said, no changes, made in the USA (so all you people who have a problem with ‘made in china’ better put your money where your mouth is and buy 2!)

Splash ones (coming later this month) will cost a little more but yeah, great yoyo at a great price