Why are people so nice to me?

im just your run of the mill yoyo newb. i dont help much. my advice isnt the best. i have little experience. yet people are so nice to me.

1: jwil425 send me his yyf skyline, my dream yoyo, for absolute free. with out your skyline, i wouldnt pursue this hobby. id get frustrated with it, than i remeber the nice person who gave me a skyline.

2: trace crops my avatar. THANKS!

3: total artist donates her blood brother to charity, and it just so happens i win!!

4: yoyospirit send me two axles free of charge to fix my blood brother!

5: A soviet locust trades his 888 halves for my NORTHSTAR! what a good deal!

6: Gorrilaz922 trades his dm2 and a fiesta xx for my pokemon games. and i was just about to trade em in at gamestop! saved my butt there!

7: now totalartist is sending me her magic yoyo! free!

8: landon balk, worlds best modder (literally lol) fixes my skyline! good as new (this happened right after jwil425 gives it to me lol)

9: also the compliments i get on a daily basis. i feel good!

you guys are the best, i dont deserve all this free stuff! so if any of you see these people around, treat em nicely!


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I think people in the Yoyo community are generally nice. More so than many.

@Sniffyo on twitter

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It takes a village to raise a child.

It takes the community to make a yoyo’er.

Many of us are here to help when we can.

A word of warning, there’s a few acting with a hidden agenda.

I’m not working with a hidden agenda. I would like to see yoyo becoming way more mainstream and I would like to get as many people into this as possible. At the same time, it’s my nature to help, so I have no intentions of changing.

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How do you get so much free stuff?
lol, but yeah everyone is nice. I’ve made an asshole of my self a few times, and everyone was much more civilized than anywhere else I’ve seen on the internet.

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D: lucky.

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i dont
TRY to get free stuff. thats why im asking, why are people so nice to me???

I agree with this statement. But, I think it is luck also, and being in the right place at the right time. You won the Blood Brother fair and square, so that was totally luck. Fellavader picked your name out of a hat. You put that Magic Yoyo on your list of things you wanted to try in your thread, and because I saw your post, and had two of the same yo-yo, you were in the right place at the right time so to speak. When I saw it on your wants list, I considered that you were always encouraging others with kindness, so I decided to send it along. It’s a combination of things in that case. :slight_smile: You deserve it.

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I hated the 888. i thought that was a great deal. love the northstar. really hope you like the 888.

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Really? People are nice to you? hmmmm We should fix that! ;D (just kidding)

Actually, I think members are pretty nice to everyone for the most part. Yeah there are some arguments from time to time but this is a forum with many opinions and many members with strong personalities.

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I would be willing to send anyone an axle if they stripped theirs lol.


I wanna free skyline. lol

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Truer words were never typed.


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I dont know Yuki, this sounds pretty true…

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