Why are people saying the bearing on the yeti is so bad?

CTXs are nice!

I have not heard anything on the bearing but what I have heard some issues on is the bearing seat. Some of the bearing seats are overly tight to the point where the bearing can break trying to get it off.
Hope this helps.

I’ve only heard 1 comment on the bearing. And that was “it isn’t worth $12…”.

It’s not the bearings it’s the spacers.

I heard spacers as well and the thing with spacers is they’re all difficult to get off. Along with being yyf spacers the death grip transfers over to the yeti

I’m sick of YYF death grip. I might pass on the Yeti because of that.

I like the concept of being able to maintain a yoyo.

I think after my next gig, I’m gonna use some of that cash to buy replacement spacers for all my YYF yoyos that use them, shave down the bearing seat(and buy one extra set in case I get a Yeti) and make the spacers USABLE.

I’m not anti-YYF. I’m anti-DeathGrip!

Did you not get the memo that the yeti comes with a second set? I apologize if the inter-office mail missed you. And that the future run of yetis will come with a snap in spacer? So the spacers issue is moot :slight_smile: but I hope that CLYW finds a longer term permanent fix for those that don’t like the death grip spacers for current models.

Sorry, I didn’t get the memo. I must not be on their mailing list.

At any rate, I’m waiting for their colored ones to come out. I don’t want black and they grey didn’t really catch my eye.

I am not a fan of the CTX bearings at all. They feel “gritty” while spinning, they are loud, and I am not a fan of any string centering bearing. Some swear by the CT and the CTX bearing and that is great, but they do not meet my preferred feel during play.

As for the spacers, they are a pain in the butt. The yoyo is still playable but the spacers can make it quite difficult to maintain the bearing. I will be getting a set of the snap in spacers for my Yeti when they are available.

After this first run of black Yetis they will have snap fit spacers so you won’t need to worry.

The Yeti is a good yoyo. However, I’m not a fan of YYF spacers… They’re the bane of existence.


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I don’t even get the point of spacers… ???

It acts as a bearing seat for the yoyo.

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Where will these be available? I heard the rumor “that the average joe will not be able to purchase without buying another yeti.” So I have to ask can you confirm or dispel this?

I’m pro-Deathgrips

I also don’t know the reason why YYF can’t make their spacers to the same quality as OD makes their bearing seats on the side effects.

Probably here on YYE. They already have all the other types of YYF spacers. Stands to reason that they will have the newer ones as well.

YYF Replacement Spacers

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It takes a lot for time effort and $$$. From what I’ve heard (Dont quote me on this) the spacers from OneDrop cost around $10 a set wholesale.