Why are CLYW's Hulk Smash colorways so popular?


So I just got back into throwing after not touching once since middle school. A lot of the companies we can choose from now didn’t exist back then, CLYW included. When I got back into yoyos about a month and a half ago, I started familiarizing myself with all the different companies, and noticed that Hulk Smash CLYWs seem to be in demand. I bought a couple throws during the CLYW black friday sale today and noticed that the Hulk Smash arctic circles pretty much sold out instantly.

Does the hulk smash colorway really look that amazing in person? Are less of them made? My personal taste hovers towards acid washes and more subtle color blends, but I guess I could see many people just liking the color.


Some people have different preferences. I prefer louder more colorful colorways from CLYW, only cause they do them right.


The question answers itself. “Hulk Smash”. Isn’t that all you need to know? :wink:


That actually brings up an interesting thought, if it wasn’t named “hulk smash,” would it sell as well as it does now?


As it turns out, that IS an excellent question. And I think the answer is probably “no”. I mean, green with purple is a pretty sweet color combination, but I believe (as I suspect you do!) the name creates an emotional response that helps it sell.


Oh boy… Well for me it’s special as my two fav yoyo colors are purple and green. The Hulk Smash is particularly awesome because purple is the splash in it. Purple splashes are just so sick. Check these out. I love, love, love HULK SMASH!!!

(Jerrod) #7



I could not agree more. That Gnar was my first Hulk and to me it is still the best one I own… Crazy splash on this guy…



It’s simple.

Purple and green go soo well together.


I’m not sure, it’s such an ugly colorway.


Preference, man. There’s not really any reason it’s popular besides the fact that people like the colors. I mean you could ask further questions like, “why do those people like those colors?” but then you’ll eventually get into this whole existential thing where nothing really makes sense.

Or maybe a lotta these folks like Marvel. Who da heck knows.


I’ve always resisted the Hulk Smash colorway for one reason:

This guy!
I love you! You love me!




Sorry I didn’t read all of the comments so idk if anyone said this or not, I doubt it considering it’s just a thought…

but around the time the hulk smash colorways started coming out, was also around the time The Dark Knight came out, which had Heath Ledger’s stunning performance as THE JOKER. I noticed the Hulk Smash colorways selling nicely since they were introduced, and they still are you say? Well, it just must be popular. That and the name “Hulk Smash” is just plain bada$$ lol.

So, I think on a deeper level, green and purple have been pretty popular the last few years. I know they’re my favorite colors… but let me say this… I don’t dig the Hulk Smash colorway. To me, it just doesn’t look so hot, probably the splash design.