So, I have a few questions about hulk smash!

When did it start?

Can you find all CLYW yoyos in the hulk smash colorway?

What yoyo is rarest in the hulk smash variation?

Feel free to show off your hulk smashers!

First, the jewel of my collection:

And my AC:

Hulk Smash was not available on all CLYW models. I’d say Peak is the most rare. Especially since I’ve stripped a few… :-*

Don’t ask mgiroux77 about this, he wouldn’t know anything about it at all. Plus he has like no Hulk Smash yoyos anyways.


Also, just for the record, TotalArtist hates the Yoyoexpert colourway.

Also, you may want to re-post your pictures in this already posted, fairly extensive collection/study of
Hulk Smash throws:,52204.0.html

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Well, my hulk smash Avalanche and Arctic circle are amazing.

Maybe Chris’s favorite superhero is the hulk?

HEHE ahhhh my kinda topic :slight_smile:

I as most people know am a Hulk Smash freak… Well yea kinda…

Actually I found this out a while ago and was surprised but Hulk Smash was originally the signature colorway for no other than Mr. Jensen Kimmit.

I thought that was common knowledge.

I’m probably just stupid then.

No you’re not. I didn’t know this either.

Me neither!

It was common knowledge when it was released but due to Jensen’s departure from CLYW in 2010 it stopped being known as his signature colorway and we have gained new players since then who don’t know about that, so that’s why.

Also, Matthew… your collection is incredible.

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I know that I have a FG Canvas that was supposed to be Hulk Smash…but instead the green is a golden/yellow tint. It’s kinda funny actually.

Yeah I saw those picks on your instagram I dont know how the anodizer messed up the green to that extent. Still looks fantastic just nothing like Hulk Smash!

I received my first Hulk Smash throw in the mail today. I feel like it’s a rite of passage or something…

That’s quite a nice collection mgiroux77, and that’s after you sold one to me !!

Well not really. That was my collection at it’s biggest back in the Spring… Of all those above yoyo’s I only have six of them left (I have others) but yea. I sold most of them to help fund my Worlds trip and by newer yoyo’s… :slight_smile:

Although I’m calling the colorway “Angry Big Guy” these powder coated ones may fit the bill.
IMG_20130827_103801_290 by mullicabob, on Flickr
IMG_20130827_102550_555 by mullicabob, on Flickr

I REALLY REALLY wish Chris did Hulk Smash on the Campfire… That would have been soooo cool!!! The BvM2 has yet to be Hulk Smashed too!!! That should be interesting for sure!!!