Who's Yoyo King


Just found these yoyos online. I’m looking at the grind control and spin control models by Yoyo King. Other than the description I can’t find anything else. Has anyone heard about this company? Are their throws any good?




So nobody has ever heard of this brand?


Could you wait a few days? Sometimes it takes a few days for people to get the answers they want.


Sure. All I know is that it’s new.


Since they seem to have been released fairly recently, there’s probably not that many people out there that have them. And even fewer on this forum.

I haven’t played either, but they look like pretty solid designs - especially the Spin Control.

For $45 I say pick one up.

Though the only concern I have is that the axle threads don’t appear to be of the highest quality. Probably why they’re only $45 :smiley: No proof of this, but it looks like they may be prone to stripping.


How can you tell?