whos your favorite thrower?

Why make this post if everyone will say Jensen Kimmitt like me?

Im not sure what his name is, but his youtube channel is…

Meowcolm, if you know his name please tell me

Malcolm Chiu is his real name

My faves are Guy Wright, John Chow, and a guy whose YouTube channel is tane6419… don’t know his real name (sound familiar? lol)

1A-ANDRE!!!, Grant Johnson
4A-John Narum, Cody Taylor
5A-Beverchakus a.k.a. Tie McClellan

1A: Chris Fraser, Paul Han, Yuuki Spencer, and Eric Kolowski

3A: Alex Hattori!

4A: Ben Conde, John Narum and Brian Figueroa

5A: Juan Renteria, Takeshi Matsuura and Darnell Hairston

andre boulay !!! 8) 8) :stuck_out_tongue:

oh and grant johnson. :slight_smile: