whos your favorite thrower?


ill start off
jensen kimmitt


My favorite thrower for 1A at the moment is Luo Yi Cheng (sp?), but overall favorite is Zammy. :slight_smile:


Mickey and Yicheng Luo

(Mi) #4



jensen kimmitt

(Joshhh) #6

Same. weird.


I really enjoy watching Tyler Goldenberg. His style is like no other.


Jacob Jensen! (Elephark)

(laxdude99) #9

1a yukki Spencer, Jensen kimmit,

5a tyler severance and miggy

Overall favorite john ando

(Jei Cheetah) #10


and zammy


Who doesnt love Elephark


At the moment, Jensen, Gentry, and Guy Wright (duh)


Gentry Stein, Anthony Rojas, Takahiro Lizuka, Luo Yi Cheng, and Samad Patel (duh).


I really don´t have a favorite player.

(Mi) #16

Everyone who says Jensen in this thread means Jacob Jensen.



1a: sebby or paul han
5a: miggy

(SR) #19

1A: 1. Jensen Kimmitt
2. Yuuki Spencer
3. Guy Wright

2A: 1. Patrick Mitchell

5A: 1. Tyler Severance
2. Miggy

(Ariq) #20

Luo Yi Cheng aka Takuto
Malcolm Chiu
Takahiro Iizuka
Christopher Chia
Darrell Mitchell
Shinya Kido
Eric Koloski
Marcus Koh

2A: Shinji Saito

3A: Kentaro Kimura

4A: Lim Aik Hwee

5A: Takeshi Matsuura