whos your favorite thrower?

ill start off
jensen kimmitt

My favorite thrower for 1A at the moment is Luo Yi Cheng (sp?), but overall favorite is Zammy. :slight_smile:

Mickey and Yicheng Luo


jensen kimmitt

Same. weird.

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I really enjoy watching Tyler Goldenberg. His style is like no other.

Jacob Jensen! (Elephark)

1a yukki Spencer, Jensen kimmit,

5a tyler severance and miggy

Overall favorite john ando

and zammy

Who doesnt love Elephark

At the moment, Jensen, Gentry, and Guy Wright (duh)

Gentry Stein, Anthony Rojas, Takahiro Lizuka, Luo Yi Cheng, and Samad Patel (duh).

I really don´t have a favorite player.

Everyone who says Jensen in this thread means Jacob Jensen.

1a: sebby or paul han
5a: miggy

1A: 1. Jensen Kimmitt
2. Yuuki Spencer
3. Guy Wright

2A: 1. Patrick Mitchell

5A: 1. Tyler Severance
2. Miggy

Luo Yi Cheng aka Takuto
Malcolm Chiu
Takahiro Iizuka
Christopher Chia
Darrell Mitchell
Shinya Kido
Eric Koloski
Marcus Koh

2A: Shinji Saito

3A: Kentaro Kimura

4A: Lim Aik Hwee

5A: Takeshi Matsuura