Who's on the staff here at Yoyo expert?


I mean, obviously, I know about Andre Boulay, but who else is on the staff at Yoyo Expert? Do the admins/mods like jhb and icthus ever work with Andre personally, or is it just over the computer?


Cool people are on the staff.

(Edmeister) #3

eXperts dont neccesarily count as staff.

Mods are usually ones who help over the computer
Admins may be met up.

Have you been to YYE Headquarters?


I was recently given the title of eXpert. I am not on staff with YYE, but I plan on being here a long time as a forum user and customer.

The “eXpert” position is a way of acknowledging excellence on the forum. It is not a staff position.


Well, I know that the “eXpert” position isn’t directly affiliated with YYE, that’s why it wasn’t part of my initial post.


The mods and admins are not affiliated w/the store. We just help out on line w/the forum.

(DOGS) #7

They sent me out for coffee once.


Ok, well then who else works with Andre at YYE headquarters in Massachusetts?

(Owen) #9

I don’t.


me neither, but it would be cool to go there and steal like 400 stickers and YYE packaging tape. i want some of that tape so bad…