How do you become a forum expert, and how do you know if you’ve become one?

Well, Andre picks a eXpert. To be an eXpert you have to help A LOT of the YoYoExpert community. If people need help with something, you help. You should type in proper English, and you should just be very helpful and kind!

I don’t know how they knew you were an eXpert but i am guessing Andre sent them a message saying “You have been nominated to be an eXpert for the month of this month”

So, to become an eXpert is hard, because they do have a lot of nice people here! :wink:


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the people that become x-pert help when ever they can and they are nice people and that is why they become xpert

and andre tells them when they become expert

Thanks man, also i noticed ur pic of ur yoyos and i think that’s pretty wicked dude! You have like 50 billion of them… that’s so cool, i wish i had that many. So far i only have a DM, Speedmaker, and kickside.

if you look shere you will find some awesome yoyos

and this guy has awesome yoyos