Who's in for a Titanium KLR ?


Title speaks to the reason for this post. If I approach Ernie with enough show of hands, maybe we can swing him to do a Titanium run of KLR’s. I have approached him about this request once already and he was quite receptive to it.

My guess is they would be about the same cost as all the other Titanium throws, but I’m not going to say for sure. It’s certainly a question I will put to him.

Let’s see who would be potential buyers if he were to roll the dice and make a small run of

Sounds sexy just saying it… ;D

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Memememememememememememe MEEEEE!!!


SR, I had a feeling you’d want too! ;D


I could go for that, but I would right this second go for a raw(well, clear sealed) KLR and would gladly pay for it it and have it shipped to my house right this very second. Or, I could wait until I’m in the region in November, drive to his place of business and pick up the item from him, but I’d have no issue paying for it now.

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That would seriously be the best thing ever. I’ve tried pretty much all the “best” yoyos out there and to me nothing surpasses the KLR. And a Ti version… oh my goodness.


Already have a freestyle but I’m sure I’d buy a Ti.


I missed out on the aluminium runs so a titanium KLR would be pretty freaking amazeballs.



I think this would be a “Killer” idea… Someone had to say it!!! All jokes aside I am in!!! I LOVE the KLR…

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The thread is getting alot of attention already, which is good.

The only thing about this is… who is willing to actually shell out $300+ for this bad boy?


I am…


I really would. PM the paypal address.

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WAIT. Let me save 400$ first…
Then I’m in


Sure. No problem.


I want…I will sell my chiefs for this!


The design would have to be tweaked to take advantage of the properties of titanium, of course, but it’s basically a great idea. It’d be like a KLR but could take a crazy amount of abuse. Like the ultimate 5a yoyo, anyone? It’d be sad to take a yoyo that cool and baby it. I have a titanium yoyo and they can handle brushes against concrete no problem. That’s one of their best features.


what! a TI KLR would be fantastical


Everyone keeps saying fantastic but the question is who would buy one and or have the money?
I have the money.
I am in.


Thing is, a ton of people can say they want one, but when it comes to release day it might not be so many who would be ready to plunk down $350.


Nah shape wouldn’t be good at all for Ti imo. Way too thick and chunky. The point of Ti is the have weight distribution not possible with aluminum, i don’t really see any benefit to a Ti KLR other than a status throw, which i guess is what most Ti throws are anyway. That’s what made the Ti5 great, that crazy thin rim.

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You of course would have to modify they specs/shape a little bit.