Who's Gunna Buy it?

There is 1 silver Rave left… Who’s Gunna Buy it?

Not me, but it must be good, everybody is raving about it.


I don’t get it. ???

Everyone is raving about the rave

I would like to say I am but I don’t have the funds to. Also, no splash.

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I’m in the same boat as Heero, I’d buy it but I just bought a Red Schneider Mk-II and I’m all out of funds.

Ohhh ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I was just thinking about that Myself.

Then I heard Someone talking about it and I thought I should just go ahead and buy it.

But I’m no Heero.

I’m not going to a financial Grave being a Slave to a Rave.

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But, if you save on a Rave you won’t end up living in a Cave. ::slight_smile:

But if it’s a Rave that he craves then money he will not save when he caves. Then, a path he may pave to living in a cave using blunt razors to shave and occasionally misbehave with his sidekick named Dave.

Geezer Kills me…

First he says, ‘you’re not really Alive without 7075’. There goes the milk money!

Then he says, ‘Don’t live in Fear, buy a Draupnir’. There goes the grocery fund!

Now he says, ‘If you save on a Rave you won’t live in a Cave’.

But I already live in a Cave… And it’s your fault!

I guess with the money I could save, I could move to a larger Cave.

At least until the Markus Koh Vertex comes out on October 15th, lol.

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I’m glad I saved 'n caved and bought the Rave (Blue splash). It’s definitely a fave!

In all seriousness, this is an awesome throw!

I think this thread is turning into a rhyme thread I wish I had some lime flavored bread

Knave! I say.
Upon Rave you must play!

I can’t have people in here going off the top without me… :wink:

The OP, he posted there is only one Rave,
Before you know it, somebody has paid,
Now there’s no more Rave, and now I’m enraged,
And now I’m delayed, and no Rave can be played,
But no need to argue, YoyOfficer made,
A yo-yo so nice, that you’d want to engage,
Bimetal entices, on the market invades,
And you’re going to like it, compete on a stage.

(T.A. snaps out of the zone)

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When I posted last, I thought to myself “Ok, TotalArtist your turn”.

Yeah, I’m done too.

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That poor little Rave. Nobody wants to give him a home. :’(

Its beyond my current budget, but if you are feeling sorry for it you can purchase it and have it sent to me, I would give it a good home :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re a poet and you don’t even know it

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