For Sale:

Just need some money to pay for Worlds registration and hotel room.  Any blemishes or damage to the yo-yo are in the pictures, so make sure to examine them closely.  I felt it was much better than trying to explain them.  Please contact me at my email at if you’re interested in buying any of these:

Bear Vs. Man:
1st generation grey with half blue half pink splash.

2nd generation “Wolverine”. Sold

And a 2nd Generation “Shark Vs. Zombie Beaver”.

The very first run made: the “Team Edition”.

Special unreleased edition with a wider than normal gap.  Only a few were made as far as I know.

Fools Gold pink/purple acid wash.

SPRed (small bearing) old school Duncan Butterfly.
*This one doesn’t seem to play too well, but I’m sure it’s fixable if you have some spare SPR around at the most and a good eye at the least.

Fool’s Gold gold with black splash 2nd generation.  Sold

Throwmonkey  Sold
Translucent Red with white rims.

Wooly Marmot
Special edition Red with Wooly Marmot Picture Engraved on it.

Sebby Brock

How much for your Sasquaches the blue or the gold? I have spent 1000$ dollars on many yoyos and constantly lose them so i always buy new ones. I only play 1a metal and wish i could go to a competition. Ive only met one other yoyoer ever but im good…Can do ladderescape etc…but i live in Dallas. Anyway…how do i get a real custom made yoyo…like the ones that have what looks like bicycle spokes and stuff. im willing to spend hundreds on an unbelievable yoyo. If you meet someone a worlds** give them my # Neal 214 334 6532. Ill buy your yoyo bc all i have play right now is a C3 somethin China yoyo. My email…I want your caribu lodge…how much?

Hey Forfun,

Shoot me an e-mail at and we’ll discuss a price for whatever you’re interested in.