Who's buying the iPad air??

I would like to buy it but I’m not sure how to attack it. I would like to buy it online and I heard about a midnight PST release. Some say it will happen some say it won’t. If you go to the apple store it is currently shutdown. I think they’re preparing for the midnight release. But is any of this true? I also heard Walmart will be selling it for 479.99 but I don’t know what to think because nothing is set in stone.

What do you know about this situation?

I work at best buy selling computers and tablets and talk with our Apple rep very frequently. Best Buy is selling it starting at 8 am EST or at least that’s what our store is doing. Nonetheless, I haven’t heard anything about a midnight release, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

I personally will not be buying it yet because I have a fourth gen ipad and I have more important things to buy, I.e. Yoyos and a smart watch for my iphone. Either way I will hopefully pick one up in the future.

Will best buy be selling them online? At 8?

That I’m not extremely sure about ;D a guaranteed solution would be to stay up all night constantly refreshing bestbuy and apples websites :slight_smile:

I’m not planning on buying the iPad Air. I just don’t have a need for it.

I recently bought an iPad Mini(like, a week ago) and for what I need it for, it does just fine. I bought it as a remote work surface for my new digital audio console. I will be using it with some additional audio gear in the future, so it’s a good purchase for me. I will need to buy 2 full size iPads, but again, I won’t need latest/greatest since they will be used as the tactile surface for 2 other small format digital consoles(which I can still remotely control with the Mini).

I don’t think the new Ipad Airs are the “Executive toy”. They have so many things they can do. I just don’t need one for what I need to accomplish.

The iPad air is ridiculous who needs a lighter iPad that will probably break easier? Be cause it’s light you cN probably throw it easier sheez.

I’m probably getting one because we don’t have a tablet yet. I’m an Android guy, but there are simply more GOOD kids’ apps in Apple’s App store.

Why the air? The reason it’s small and light is that it’s made with an aluminum unibody shell. It’s going to be harder-- not easier-- to damage than older iPads. And when a 4-year-old is playing, I’ll take the extra durability.


I want it, but I haz no money. I don’t really care, there are at least 20 apple products spread around my family…

:slight_smile: GregP you should buy it from a Bestbuy or Future Shop (Since they’re the same thing) and get yourself a protection plan. If something happens, Apple just pays you a portion of what it’s worth and makes you buy a new one

We’d probably be getting it from either of those places, yup!

My email from Apple this morning says it’s available on their site now.

Not to say where I bought from, but I kinda have to.

When I bought, I bought from WalMart. First, they matched their web site price($299, down from $239), then they added a 2-year protection plan that equaled Apple’s and Best Buy’s but for only $28-36(I paid $28).

Not to slam BestBuy, but their GeekSquad protection programs I have found to be nothing short of absolutely male bovine excrement and a complete screw-job as far as being way overpriced.
Apple’s programs are unreasonably priced for certain items, the iPad’s being one of those. For higher-ticket items such as laptop and desktop/towers, the protection plan is much more reasonable.

I do recommend a protection plan as stuff happens.

My kids broke their grandmother’s iPad by throwing it. This was a double failure: First, she was told the kids were NOT to touch it, have it, use it, look at it or have anything to do with it(and don’t get me started on other issues). Second, the kids were told “DO NOT TOUCH IT”, which was also clearly not listened to. Considering their grandmother doesn’t even know how to use the darn thing, it’s a waste anyways.

At the moment, I’m feeling my Mini is a bit too large for my preferences though. It’s certainly not pocket friendly even with my cargo shorts. I did get a nice case for it. Otter makes a really nice one that has a shell to go over the front to help reduce the chance for breaking.

I’ll be getting a Nexus 7 for Christmas. I’ll stick with that.

I’d prefer it. But the 4-year-old will be using it more than me. It’s all about the apps, and the kids’ apps are on Apple.

I’m finding that the older I get, the more this rings true:

“The secret of happiness, you see, is not found in seeking more, but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” - Socrates

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Yes, very true. Apple has a much better app ecosystem, whether it be for kids or gamers. For me it’s not as much about the apps as it is the operating system/user experience.

Yup. My Galaxy S2 is showing its age. Wish I had budgeted for a Nexus 5. :wink:

No doubt. The secret to MY happiness will be throwing entertainment at my kid so that he’ll be calm on the plane for an 8-hour trip, and then leave me the heck alone on the beach for a few 20-minute periods. :wink: