Should I Buy an iPad?

I have the money, that’s not a problem. I already have an iPod touch and I don’t know if it’s worth getting. Please help!

get an ipad2. i have an ipad1. its awesome, but the 2 has better battery life, display, and a webcam (major advantage). for an extra $100 (i think) its worth it! i wouldnt bother with the ipad3. plus since ipad3 came out ipad2 is cheaper!

I’ve been using a first gen, second release iPad for the past two years.
I’ve been running my BST on it, I download stuff on it, draw on it, read on it, visit all sorts of forums on it, I watch videos on it, I can edit videos form it, and I don’t plan on replacing it soon due to it’s 64gb memory (unless you’d want to buy it).

I don’t need a camera on my iPad because I have a neat little card reader attachment that let’s me import photos. I’ve written quite a few papers on it, I listen to music on it, it’s speakers are outstanding for a tablet, and it’s easy to transport.

With all of that said, I agree with supbreh’s comment that you should get a used one. It’s not worth walking into your local Mac store and purchasing one. Used iPads are perfectly fine and battery life is nothing to worry about. Besides, used gets you extra cash you just saved so you can buy a sweet case.

TL;DR buy a used one.

Oh heck no. IMO, they are absolutely worthless. Nothing works on them.

Did you even read my reply? What constitutes worthlessness in your mind? How does nothing work on them?
They can do anything that doesn’t involve Flash.

they’re cool devices. my family has two, a 1 and a 2. I don’t see much difference in them.

if you have the cash, go for it. they’re cool. my sister got an ipad 3 for free as work bonus, and it’s pretty fun to use.

I am typing this on my ipad2

Depending on your technical skills and needs, you may want to consider an Android tablet. I have both an iPad and Android tablet, and I can do much, MUCH more on the Android tablet. The plus side for the iPad on the other hand is the review process for apps and the solid aluminum chassis. It depends on what you value. If you’re going to be doing no more than browsing the web and want something that’s nice and smooth, get an iPad. If you want a power machine, get an Android tab. And with Android Jelly bean, it’s just as if not more smooth than the iPad.

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As much as I hate where microsoft is going with windows 8…

It’s likely going to be the most powerful operating system for tablets when it comes out, as no one else has stepped up and start making something better. If you can wait a little while I would get a windows 8 tablet.

OK so from all the replies I have mad my decision…(Drum roll please)…I’m getting a laptop. The reason I’m getting a laptop is, I need one for school. Yes I understand that iPad’s can do a lot of things that a laptop can do but it is just more convenient for me. But this thread was not a waste…my brother (after reading this) is now getting an iPad. So I will just use his whenever I want :slight_smile: Thanks again for all the replies!

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You definitely made the best possible choice there. I would have suggested that but I thought you were set on getting a tablet…

I’m definitely with you on preferring computers.

Probably a better choice as far as ultimate needs and usefulness go. The IPAD basically is an IPOD touch with a larger form factor as far as basic apps and functionality go, though I’m sure there are more useful apps available for it from the Apple store.

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