Attention Mac users and computer savvy people - Help!!

Hey, what’s up… I had a question for you folks who know more about this stuff than me…

I have here an ebay link to a Macbook Pro I am thinking of purchasing. As you can see this listing is a “Buy it now or best offer” So my question is: what do you all think is a fair price for this particular laptop?

As you will see these are the specs:

from late 2008
in good condition
a 15 inch screen
320 gb hard drive
4 gb RAM [What does that even do?]
2.53 ghz
running Mountain Lion, the newest mac software

Here is the link:

Let me know what you think would be a good price. Thanks smart people!

Those things are like $1000 new or something in that range (check to see how much apples latest pro is). That’s not a huge screen either I think. The picture looks a lot smaller than what I have here at my house, but check apples “refurbished” section, they may have this exact laptop on there.

Oh, and add in like $50 cause this thing is running mt lion.

I know that Apples latest pro is like $2700 because it’s the one with the retina… Without the retina they run for like $1700. I checked the refurbished section and there weren’t very good deals, they were all in the thousands. As for the screen size, 15 inches is what people I know have, and I have used theirs so the size is good.

$700 is kinda high, and the specs really aren’t that great today… If you’re not picky with what operating system you use, you could get a much better deal, even with something new.

I wouldn’t pay more than maybe mid 400s for it, depending on how much you want that specific one.

Before I went to your link I was thinking about how much I was thinking I would be willing to give and right off the top of my head was thinking around $700. However I don’t consider my self “savvy” by any means. I would lowball him of course with an offer. You never know what kind of deal you might strike on EBay.

One caveat, Mountain Lion is fairly recent release. I find it a bit unusual a laptop with this OS is already available on EBay, unless perhaps he upgraded the OS thinking it would make the computer more marketable and garner a higher price. I’m always nervous about purchasing hardware on the front end of a new OS release. Sometimes there are bugs that haven’t been worked out.

Good luck!

My brother is a computer science major and he told me that the memory and the processing speed is good enough. I don’t need a ton of memory or anything, I’m not doing anything special… So I think the hard drive is fine. Is it the processing speed that you think is sub par? Because I don’t know much about it… Just that my brother said it makes a difference, but 2.53 is good enough.

As for what you said about getting a better deal… Do you know where? Because I’ve been searching eBay and that’s the best I could come up with. I’m assuming I can work the price down a little… But I guess, where would I find a better deal? Or what would be a better deal??? Thanks

Does it have to be a mac? Apple stuff is always way overpriced. You can get a pc laptop like that new that’s roughly the same speed.

Also, what do you want the computer for? Just a computer to check facebook, the forums, maybe your email? Or do you actually need a fast computer? I so, It doesn’t need to be a fast computer, maybe $300 new.

Lastly, if it does need to be fast, why not consider a desktop? Most people think laptops are the best thing ever invented. They, for the most part are wrong. Not counting a monitor, keyboard or mouse, a more powerful computer than that macbook, will cost you a little more than $350. Maybe even less.

You can definitely build/buy a desktop for the same price that’s a MUCH better deal.

Also yes, you can get a much better windows laptop for cheaper.

Well I’ll be using it for work, I work at a church as a youth pastor intern, so it’s not just gonna be Facebook and stuff. And it needs to be a laptop because I’ll be going to college next year so I’ll need it then.

For the brand, I’ve heard that macs are good. I have used them and I just like how they work… So I don’t know. I’m a fan of apple.

I have to ask the same question. Apple is way overrated. And generic, over priced, not good. PC offers a better variety of laptops at MUCH cheaper prices. And that is new. Plus you have to option to add on/ customize your laptop. You mess with an apple computer, you void your warranty.


RAM stands for random access memory so when you use the search bar your using RAM btw not a bad deal however it depends on what your using for like using Internet and checking email it’s fine like all the basic stuff it should be good

Thanks for all the replies. Despite warnings, I am fairly set on getting a Mac. Unfortunately somebody beat me to this one… But there will be others. Thanks guys!

I have a Mac with almost the same specs - it’s not lightning quick by today’s standards - but I run Photoshop and DreamWeaver on it (usually at the same time, crop 'n code!). I also do the odd bit of video editing, and it holds up pretty well.