Got a question about Ipad screens

Just got me a new audio desk, and to help control it, I’m gonna be buying:

2 iPads(they don’t have to match)
2 iPad Minis
2 iPod Touch units

More may be purchased as needed.

Not all at once. Most likely an iPad and an iPod Touch at first. The idea is to distribute the units to my crew at events. Plus, I will be buying at least 2-3 more mixing consoles(perhaps from different brands) within 12 months that will use IOS devices. Since we’ll be moving between rooms/areas at certain jobs, having discrete access options is a strength.

My question is really about the screen. Since I can be out in direct sunlight, that’s where the problem could be. Which screen do you think would be better? The Retina screen or the regular screen.

I know at BAC, I had one heck of a hard time seeing my MacBook Pro’s screen as the sun was blaring down on me. My issue was mostly losing the mouse pointer! Direct sunlight is an issue to be concerned with.

Let me hear your thoughts. No arguments. Most of the time I will be indoors, but I also do a lot of fairs, festival type shows and other outdoor events. I also want to make a purchase decision SOON as I have a 3-day event on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, but that’s also inside and I might just go with a Mini to save money initially. Probably get a 16MB MINI and the lowest storage/latest model iPod Touch. With the MINI, I can do a complete mix and monitors, while the iPodTouch can help dial-in monitors.

Ignore budget. That’s my problem. Give me your best thoughts and experiences and let me figure it out from there. Thank you all so much in advance!


First, if any of the workers/you will be carrying around places, Ipod touch.

Ipads and Ipad minis arent good for taking places because you cant place it in your procket. You always have to hold it.

If you get the Ipod 5 or Ipad mini. (I have ipod, mom has mini) you will easily be able to see in the light. Maybe not with BLARING sun. But in the sun.

The issue with that comes battery.
If your out in the sun, your going to have to have the brightness all the way up. And, with lots of use, the battery will die a LOT quicker.


Ipad minis probably.

Just because, they aren’t too big, and have a big screen.

Just shoot me a PM about Apple stuff. Im good with most of it :).

In terms of screen, the retina will most likely be better. The max brightness is higher on the retinas based on my observations, allowing for better visibility in the sun. About the iPad mini though–right now, they don’t have retina display. Supposedly, the next iteration of the iPad Mini will have the retina display, but as of now, they don’t. In my opinion, the iPad Mini is a terrible device–no retina display, mediocre battery life, and pretty bad processing. If you can wait, try to hold off for the iPad Mini 2, which will hopefully fix all of these problems.

This isn’t about “which model”.

It’s a matter of what needs to be done. For example, I might have a crew of 6, while I’m at FOH, I can monitor what someone is doing via an iPad at the desk, while 4 crew are on stage helping talent dial-in monitor mixes with the iPod Touches and Minis, while I have another person doing other adjustments as channels are being plugged in with the other iPad.

At events themselves, where I’m running 3-4 rooms, the iPads can then be re-deployed and connected to the networks in each room to check in and make adjustments using the iPads or iPodTouch units as required.

I’m really only inquiring which iPad screen will be better in direct sunlight. I just figured I’d add in the rest of the information just so you can see where I will be going and what I will be doing with them.

I wonder if the flunkies at the local Apple Store or the Dope-Squat at BestBuy will entertain A/B’ing the screens outside for me.

I prefer having a larger surface area to work on. It makes the button presses easier and virtual fader movements more accurate. I’ll normally be at the desk, but for certain things, I will need to move away.