Whoa. I don't know to title it.

http://yoyonews.com/2015/07/20/tyler-severance-announces-new-company-recess-intl/ My next yoyo purchase. Love Patrick BORGERDING.

KY, PatBorg, Tyler Severance, and Ian Johnson. What a good initial lineup, good luck to them!

sounds like fun…

Really interested in their future throws now…

And another hit to the Werrd team…

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I know YYF already mentioned tweaking the cyborg 2 and re-branding it since PatBorg left the team but what about the space cowboy?.. Will they discontinue it, or re-brand it?

I’m sure they’ll re-brand it. Such a successful yoyo.

YYF anwered on their ask.fm, that the green Space Cowboy will be the last one to have Tyler’s name on it. You never know, maybe they will keep the name “Space Cowboy,” though.

Worry link wasn’t working fixed.

Also theyl be making a bimetal as a first release.