Who will win the fixed axle challenge.

Who are you supporting? I’m supporting Robert(Skinny B), Rizky _Yoist , Sergio , Aaron W (if hes still in) , Berto and yooldman.

Haven’t been following it much.

Who are you supporting.


I’m out, but thanks for the support :slight_smile:

I think it’s just so cool that so many are still in and kicking butt also! It’s great that at first everyone says this is the hardest ever, I’ll be out this round, then a couple days later they’ve got a video of them hitting the trick. It’s too awesome.

I’m rooting for everyone! I’d like to see 25 or so rounds ;D

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Kyle Nations is my prediction

Way to go for the dark horse. :wink:

Kyle’ll probably win, but Adam Brewster has my vote.

Adam Brewster

Fixed axle yoyoing, in general, has already won by a landslide.
The players are just battling for 2nd at this point. :wink:



as much as I agree with yoyoing that fixed axle has won. I really want a fidalgo, and I missed out on winning one in the yoyo consistancy challenge a while back so I’m working harder on this one.

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As much as I cover those prizes, I believe the winner will be one of the 2 pros that are competing. Either Logi or Mr. Brewster.

Maybe next time, hope I didn’t let you down parvarsingh.

I think Someone, Adam, and Kyle(duh) are creaming everyone.

I like Adam, his stuff is clean and quickly posted, but I’ve totally got my money (hypothetically) on you, Logan.

Honestly, once we get to the snap starts, I think I’m out. Doesn’t mean I won’t try, though :wink: But really I’d like to see anyone but me win. It was winning a contest similar to this that really motivated me to explore fixed axle, and I hope this contest will do that for some of you.


Same here man.

Good to know I’m not the only one.

I can’t do snap starts either.

I appreciate all the votes of confidence!
It’ll do wonders for a fella’s self-confidence!

But this round showed I’m not nearly as good at this as I used to be.
Annnnd, I’m not in need of any more yoyos… So for me this is all about motivation to push myself and the competitive format allows for that just fine.

I’m definitely a lot less concerned with getting top-honors and more so keen on seeing/learning the elements I’ve missed out on or gotten rusty at.

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