who wants a loop 900?


so who wants a loop 900? i really want one
actually 2 for 2a i heard that they are a big hit!


I do but I don’t have enough money

Hopefully they will stay in stock long enough for me to get one


yea i hope it will say in stock for a long time


They just need to have two in stock till saturday. One white and one black…


are those the colors that you want

(Johnny rocks!!!) #6

no, he just wants there to be one white and one black for the heck of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol thank you.




I just sent an order in like 3 hours before they said they were going to put it up for sale… I’m pissed. I guess I’ll have to pay for shipping again =(


uh oh that is not good


I am thinking about getting one. Yes, one because I don’t have enough money right now to get 2. If they stay in stock til saturday then I will get it. But if not, then I will probably get a Fiesta or something else. :wink:


just one for now…black

(Troy(oyo) #13

So much want! I feel as though buying these will greatly improve my 2a skill. Which is something i want.


Two more days! Any my looping journey will begin.


I ordered a black one and a green one!!


I do, I really want one. The thing is, that would be all of my money, and my main play style is 1A, so I might when I have more money. But I’m still trying to work my way up to that Superstar! 8)


Didn’t you just get a severe?


Bagged a red one and a white one and 100 white slick 6 strings. Express shipped too. Happy birthday to me!!! ;D


I envy your right now. I’m about to drop an order on saturday and hopefully get it on tuesday or wednesday. :confused:


It may just be my computer or the person sitting in front of the screen, but the “In Stock” numbers haven’t changed…and I know I just ordered a couple of yellow Loop 900s. Just thought it odd…nothing more.

And to answer the subject question…No I didn’t want “a” loop 900…I wanted two. ;D