who wants a loop 900?

so who wants a loop 900? i really want one
actually 2 for 2a i heard that they are a big hit!

I do but I don’t have enough money

Hopefully they will stay in stock long enough for me to get one

yea i hope it will say in stock for a long time

They just need to have two in stock till saturday. One white and one black…

are those the colors that you want

no, he just wants there to be one white and one black for the heck of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol thank you.


I just sent an order in like 3 hours before they said they were going to put it up for sale… I’m pissed. I guess I’ll have to pay for shipping again =(

uh oh that is not good

I am thinking about getting one. Yes, one because I don’t have enough money right now to get 2. If they stay in stock til saturday then I will get it. But if not, then I will probably get a Fiesta or something else. :wink:

just one for now…black

So much want! I feel as though buying these will greatly improve my 2a skill. Which is something i want.

Two more days! Any my looping journey will begin.

I ordered a black one and a green one!!

I do, I really want one. The thing is, that would be all of my money, and my main play style is 1A, so I might when I have more money. But I’m still trying to work my way up to that Superstar! 8)

Didn’t you just get a severe?

Bagged a red one and a white one and 100 white slick 6 strings. Express shipped too. Happy birthday to me!!! ;D

I envy your right now. I’m about to drop an order on saturday and hopefully get it on tuesday or wednesday. :confused:

It may just be my computer or the person sitting in front of the screen, but the “In Stock” numbers haven’t changed…and I know I just ordered a couple of yellow Loop 900s. Just thought it odd…nothing more.

And to answer the subject question…No I didn’t want “a” loop 900…I wanted two. ;D