who wants a loop 900?

How did the yellow Loop 900 run out so fast ???

I would so be getting one if I didn’t spend all my umpire money on an iPad.

haha! lol ;D ;D

to much for me im not good a 2a

Neither am I but I really want to get there. Been meaning to for a while. Nothing like a new throw to churn up some inspiration ;D

My dad ordered two reds for me. I have to help him paint in the apartments and such to get them. :wink: Can’t wait till they come in the mail.

I want loop 900s. Real bad. But I dont get yoyos like at all so I probably wont get them… unless I win that contest. Muahahahahah! Yeah probably not…

I got 2 raider ex’s this week and theyre amazing, i ordered 2 white loop 900’s last night as well. at least i have the raiders to hold me over till the 900’s come

No because i am terrible at looping! >:(

which color do you guys like? i like green and red

Hahahaha that’s exactly what I did! Raider EXs are awesome too by the way! Can’t wait to see how the 900s compare. They’ll be arriving at my house tomorrow so I’m hoping for a super fast day at work.

i got 2 red and 2white ones for my friends bday

white is running out
i really want red but i am proboby going to get loop 900s at worlds

USPS tracking says mine have been delivered. Can’t wait to get off of work!

Looks like 2 yellow Loop 900 back in inventory

I just ordered one. Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Haha, I was debating between loop 900’s and 720’s but decided to get a pair of 720’s and 6 px3 juggling clubs (heck of a lotta money, 35 bucks a club) so ya, i think im gunna be happy with them.

Just ordered one earlier!
Unfortunately yes… only one… When i get more money i’ll get the other one! :]

1 white, 49 black, 15 red, and 0 yellow

I just started a reserve fund for it. Anyone want to make a donation? :stuck_out_tongue: