Who wants a Caulked Throw?

Sure you delightful folkes have had RTV and flowable silicone to replace standard response, but who among you has tried straight up Caulk. I have, and I love it. The stuff is built to last. (That’s probably a slogan somewhere, but I don’t know.) Anywho I’m thinking of buying some for one or two of my throws that don’t have a response, and I thought I would throw out the idea of caulking a few throws in the yoyo comunity. This aint formal yet, but suppose I set a day aside in the 2-3 weeks, and I offer to put the response for anyone who sends me a throw would I get any takers? All I want is enough money to return the throw. You ship, and I handle the rest. Ps to those who are wondering who is this guy, or to you old forum lovelies wondering where I have been, I’ve been busy student teaching, but now I have a little time before I need to go do grown up things.

Seriously if you think you would be down to have me try this on one of your throws let me know, and if you want pics of how they look I can provide. I caulked a Dark Magic II almost two years ago, and it still looks gorgeous.

Remember do your homework, and have fun throwing.

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Since there are actually a few dozen different Caulks available today for a multitude of purposes; what exactly do you mean by, ‘Straight up Caulk’?

Just wondering?

A lot of people use RTV or flowable silicone. I’m using well… Caulking. Instead of being intended for windshields, or general adhesive this stuff is used in general construction. Showers, bath room fixtures, other around the house borders and edges. I may need to get my pic up. It’s white stuff if that clarifies what I’m using.

I assume you’re using silicone caulk, but acrylic is also available.

Just when you think you’ve figured everything out new factors pop up. Interesting proposition.

I would probably stick with the silicone by the way.
The acrylic might adhere to the yoyo too much.
At least I would try it with an old one first.

Yeah I believe that is what I had. I was tempted to say it was accrylic due to the shiney nature of the stuff, but the more I look I review what I’ve done I believe it was silicone bases caulk. Still it’s very tough, and breaks incredibly slowly.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a brilliant idea.
You could also get clear for aesthetic purposes :slight_smile:

In my experience silicone caulk is shiny, acrylic is not. YMMV.
What does it say on the tube? It should be prominently displayed.

Fascinating how somebody can offer to put a response system in other peoples’ yoyos and he doesnt even know what he is using?

Especially being a Teacher and suggesting others do their Homework.

You could lead by example.

And figure out what specific Caulk you used.

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I have heard tell of people using caulk before… and it broke down rather quickly. If you’re getting a week or two of good use out of it, great! But definitely put in several months of proper play before recommending it over tried-and-proven RTV.

OOOOH Condesension. The bottle is long gone, dried and thrown away. I did this years ago, but I know the bottle. (By sight.) Not so much the specifics. But I’ll get the facts up when I have the bottle.

Years dear friend. I did this years ago, and it is still in the throw. I suppose it has been an on and off throw, but I have used it a fair number of times throughout those years. Take note of the above mentioned part.

Sorry for the vagueness I haven’t had to redo sili for a while, but I know what worked, and I’ve got three throws in need of some response. I would like to get the caulk, do my throws, and offer the rest to the community. It’s either that or let it dry up and throw it away.

I take it you used this stuff. If so, it’s pretty similar to any other silicone, but still not as good as say, Hi-Temp Red Permatex Gasket Maker, that stuff lasts forever.

You finished of your post by asking the guys to Do their homework… And yet when I asked you to do your homework, you assert I am being condescending?

You said you would know the bottle by sight? Caulk does not come in a bottle. It comes in tubes or cartridges.

Every single type of caulk would have a markedly different result in response.

I think it is very reasonable to suggest you let folks know what kinda caulk material you intend to use if they send you any yoyos.

I am not questioning your ability to do an Excellent job of caulk application. But how much interest can you expect to generate if people don’t even know what you are using?

“straight up caulk” means nothing.

I actually find it somewhat compelling that as a Teacher you would suggest I am condescending. And yet you didn’t even spell condescension correctly.

But then again you never said you were an English Teacher, lol.

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Years? Not bad. I will stick to my RTV, but years is not a bad test period. :wink:

Your words come off as a little blatant, and almost challenge my right to be a teacher. It sounds like you didn’t mean for them to come off this way. I simply percieved them that way. You are also correct is assuming I am not an English teacher. That was always my worst subject. I am actually teaching math. It’s funny how many math teachers can not spell to save their lives.

I see I need details, but I must ask for time. I like many teachers do not have a lot of money. Due to this I have no car. This means I am not able to visit my local hardware store as often as I like, but I do intend to go. When I go I will buy the proper caulk, and then I will inform the community about it’s specifications. At this point I know to specify whether or not it is accrylic or sylicone based. I can however say that this / is not what I used.

At least not exactly. The container is not a round tube. The caulk, and yes it was caulk, was in a squeeze container, not a round one. The product was likely meant for a touch up versus caulking an entire tub, but what is shown may have the same stuff inside. The container I had was smaller.

I’m an English teacher and it’s ok, I don’t take off points for spelling.
Not in Internet forums anyway :slight_smile:

Many years ago me and a buddy used some silicone caulking, clear. It was very very tacky way more so then flowable silicone. We did that because the oxy yoyos supposedly used that as the stock silicone.
It did in fact last a very very long time. I want too say years. It also stayed very tacky. Good stuff. I use the flowable stuff for convince, though. I can just poor in the right amount and let it level out.

YAY! A fellow educator is here.It’s good to know I’m not not alone.

Yeah man. I think there may even be a couple others too.