Has anyone here tried Lexel silicone for response?

Ive used the stuff while doing bathroom and kitchen remodels, it dries crystal clear and pretty stinking tough too.

Has anyone here used it?

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I’ve never tried it on a yoyo, but I’ve tried it on roofs and sinks. It’s seems much thicker and less viscous than the flowable silicone I use for response. Should last a lifetime though as this is the best caulk on the market! Good Luck!


I think I’ll get a small squeeze tube and try it. I’ve got a yoyo that’s almost due for some maintenance. I just hope I can get it out easily if I need to lol

It may be more trouble than it’s worth, it takes two weeks to fully cure. I’m thinking though, if there’s a way to make a sheet of it and then dry it to make response pads :thinking: