Who stands out to you...

Everyone would like to think that they have made a difference wherever they have been and probably also think that they made a change for the better…

Who do you think has made the biggest change on this forum and say why you think they have…

Abby1371 shes a good friend (i think so she may say otherwise) she helps alot of the newer players find their way on the forum.
Gambit he always has a way to bring the British humor into the forum and truly deserves that forum expert title.
LeDave for a newer player he has really thrust himself into the community and seems to be everywhere trying to learn everything. besides the guy takes great pictures.
YoyoDoc not everyone gets his sarcasm, but i enjoy his insight on topics.
TotalArtist she takes the best pictures of the yoyos she has and she helps keep yoyoexpert afloat.

there are more but these are the ones that really stand out…
who makes the biggest difference on this forum to you…

To me, it’s the people that are most knowledgeable, the people who’ve been around the longest.

The main person in my mind is Sparhawk, he literally knows everything about everything.

There are many more, but two other notables are kyo and Yoyodoc, not only because they’ve been around, but because they’re still here to contribute.

People who helped me when I started.

As I can remember

Erik kerber
Stuart w

Then after that
Yoyo doc
Greg p.

Till now I can remember this only.

Logan Theobald
Go crazy for yoyo
Leg yoyo.

And I’ll tell more when I remember and also write more.

There are many people on this forum that stand out in my opinion. The list below is just a few and why:

YoyoExpert, YYE Garrett, Andre: no surprise, they run the place
TotalArtist: yoyo collector extraordinaire, takes great pics, and is almost everywhere
Erik Kerber: he’s also around the place a lot
Gambit: great person, funny, and with that new video, a great player too
GregP: he and I have had some rough spots but possibly for the better. He still stands out and that’s what counts.
LeDave: he’s starting standing out a little bit as well with his photography and the fact that he, like alecto already stated, is ready to learn new things more than anyone else here.
GoCrazyForYoyo: he started a company and it his succeeding greatly. He’s also a good player and a friend to everyone
abby1371: great person and always has a good trick or two up her sleeve for a video. She’s also around here a bit
jhb, vegabomb, etc: all the mods, who can forget about them
alecto, mysteriousyoyoer parvarsing, legyoyo, someone: these two guys are always around here too

These are just some of the people that stand out for me.

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I never really thought about specific members that stood out as I felt like everyone on here was actually key to the community. Without all of us, Admins and Mods included, the forums would just collect dust. There are names themselves (combined with avatars) that I see more frequent than others but in the end the community as a whole has stood out to me.

All of you!

I’m here for my peeps yo!

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there are some great people on here that are behind awesome companies, people with awesome collections, people who make cool videos for others to enjoy, people that are comical, people that are here just to chat, people with insane trix, and people who are eager to give advice when needed.

everyone on here stands out in some way shape or form :slight_smile:

Which one am I? :wink:

the first and fourth ones :slight_smile:

So I run an awesome company and I am comical? Man, I feel pretty good. :smiley:

alecto! Cause he was the first person to acknowledge my presence on the forums.