Who should be on my team?

Mr. Yoyoguy:


i only have on spot left help!!!

Lukedude’s got some BUTTERY smooth suicides. Like, delicious, greasy, smooth.

And Mr.Yoyoguy’s video is tiny and hard to watch.

Lukedude, just because I love suicides.

So what’s this, like fantasy football?

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lukedude43. Definitely has some smooth moves, smooth enough to put on toast… mmm now I’m hungry :stuck_out_tongue:


well this is basically a giant confidence booster thanks guys

Mr. YoyoGuy seems to be less experienced and the filming made it hard to follow. It also seemed like his string was a foot too long.

I say lukedude

lukedude, he has nice looking suicides.

allow me to make a video and join this team.

Definitively Lukedude, Mr. yoyo guy’s string was way to long (his hand was like above his head almost), his filming wasn’t good, and Lukedude was like a boss on suicides. Also Lukedude was pretty dang good at slacks.

Lukedude. His suicides were sooooo smooth. I like his style. (And the other guys vid was too amll to see)