just wanna try something out and see how it will turn out
for some people
sorry about the song
I had nothing else


and nice song pick too

Dacklink, why are you so good?

like 202 said why are you so good?
but that was an awesome vid
man,that was really good no not good higher than good that was beast

Dude you nailed every trick. That was like me lookin’ at a pro. You got nice skills kid.

thanks for all the nice comments

HOW ARE U NOT ON A TEAM!!! ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? I mean you look like you should be on a team.

if u look down in on my post and in my description,you will find your answer

No I mean a more popular one like YYF or YYJ

cause I don’t want to be
I rather be on crucial than YYF, YYJ, or CLYW
editted:anyways, I probably won’t get on any of them either

I hear that man. Crucial really picked a winner with you.