This Video helped me join a team.... w00t!!!
I recorded the same tricks for months but never came out good so I got tired of trying so I decided to just post something and get out over with. I’ll try to make a good video one day, just not today so I present
Never Making the Cut

Yoyos used: Space cowboy, 2014 Genesis, New Superstar

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Boom. Nice vid, man. Seriously.


That was :o
In afraid of what the “good” video will look like…

Wow! That was dope

Don’t know what you’re talking about. I see sharp confident play and nice tricks and transitions between elements. There’s tons that would like to be able to play like that.

Just imagine what he could do if he hit the tricks how he wanted to.



This is really good i would expect to see this kinda play from a pro. You need to get that “good” vid your hiding out and blow whats left of my mind.

So that was beyond impressive… Wow

By who?

I need to start practicing more…


That was fantastic. Great trick construction, confident and smooth play… Very impressed. :slight_smile:

Mad skills! Congrats! :smiley:

So what team are you on?

Sorry YoYos. He said it like 5 posts above