who is your fav. sidestylist??


Practically anyone who is anyone plays sidestyle. Perhaps you mean excalibur?

Sidestyle? so…every yoyoer in the world except Leo Qin, that aint cool man, way to single out Leo like that, is this a blatant strike at him?

Lame move man.

Think before you post.


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well tie McCllelan(Beverchakus as he’s mainly known) is awesome. ;D

I think he means excalibur/horizontal.
In which case, I vote for Paul Han because of his freestyle at worlds this year :stuck_out_tongue:

Takeshi Matsuura’s 5a excalibur is nuts. Also, Shinya Kido is great, Paul Han, Gentry…

Sky Kiyabu

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whoaa… he def wasn’t doing that…
logic dude… I think you should think. Period.

do you really think he just had one guy in mind that your wrong about? even if it was like that theres a ton to relate. WOW. Josh yee.




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Dcs. Take a chill pill bro, figure out the joke and sarcasm aight?

And since I never answered the question.
Ryota Ogi

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Harold Owens 3

Marcus Koh?

Marcus Koh and myself…

Patrick Condon has WORLD CLASS excalibur.



So I googled “excalibur” and found this:



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I don’t think there’s any possible explanation for that. ._.

On a side note, I’m getting a x-yo xcalibur. and I’m gonna do excalibur with it. (insert rimshot here)

Micky, I simply love his style…

I change my answer to Kota Watanabe after seeing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnFZ12j9S0k&feature=share

(his part starts at around 2:50)

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