Who is your biggest support?

Mine is my Grandpa and mother

supporters of our yoyoing or lives? if its yoyos then my buds. my family could care less about my yoyos except the fact that I spend a lot of money on them.
if its life I suppose it’s my mom. I don’t really run too much by her but I know she would support or give her best advice to the situation.

Without a doubt, my girlfriend is my biggest supporter when it comes to my yoyoing. I started throwing with her when we got out of a horrible situation together and have kept at it since. She’s bought me at least 10 yoyos and thousands of strings since then and has always made time to watch my new combos and give her honest thoughts on them.

Without her I’d likely have stopped throwing years ago.

YoYo’s… this forum, my parents.

Life… my parent’s, my girlfriend.


I don’t have one right now…hope it changes soon

Nobody actually supports me. In fact, my own parents have started to look down at yo-yoing.

I only yo-yo for myself, but I guess that means that I yo-yo for real.

A jazz musician/yoyoer that I have never met before. Lots of emails mostly about my early string efforts that were incredibly encouraging. Sometimes people come into your life, and there’s no way to thank them enough.

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Alex Fairhurst has my back.

My friends, Without them id be a stupid yoyoer.


For life, It’d be my girlfriend and my parents, and my best friend
For yoyoing, my girlfriend, some people like to watch sometimes, but no one supports me like she does
For starting to prototype my new throw, my girlfriend, everyone else doesn’t think I can do it, or just isn’t supportive at all.

My legs support me quite well.


My daughter probably is my biggest support

All of you guys!

I don’t know if my family really “supports” my yoyoing, but I know that they don’t mind it and prefer it over other mischievous things I could be doing.

My friends think it’s cool, but that’s about it.

I really only do this because I enjoy it. I help others learn when I can, and that is a plus when I can help someone.

Definitely my friends at yoyo club