Who is going to Nationals?

Hey, I was just wondering if anyone was going to Nationals this year? Well, obviously people are going to go but does anyone want to hang out a Nationals? That would be cool!! Thanks!! Jordan, out!!

I am! LOL MY NAME IS JORDAN TOO… R u competing? I prob am

Well I might compete in sport ladder because at CAL States this year I won first place in the 13-18 year old devision!! That was awesome!! We should hang out at nationals maybe! That would be cool!!

I can only go if I’m working sound for the event, so I gotta hurry up and make some phone calls to take care of this.

Any bumps or help getting this gig is appreciated, but I think I’ll get it on my own. We’ll see! I just called them at 3:30 my time today. Hopefully they call me back.

Gonna bring a bunch of money to spend too. B-Grades can rock! Plus who knows what other deals there may be.

That sounds cool!!

I so wish I could go this year. I went awhile ago, and it was amazing. It’s ALOT of fun and they have the BEST deals on yoyos ever.

Such a fantastic experience.

I will be there.

I’m going ;D and bring my behind the back 3a with me

I will be in Chico that weekend. But I’m mainly going there for the Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour. The contest is just an added bonus.

I’m going!

Hey Logan we should hang out at Nationals huh? Maybe we can do the trade there!!

I will probably be there

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Awesome!!! Jayyo you are awesome!!

Zammy is going.



RAyoyos is.