Who’s going to Nationals?


Nobody? Am I the only one?


yup, just you. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m going to worlds… but I think 90% of people that yoyo are.


No, but when is it.


Im going. If i can gey enough money :stuck_out_tongue:

SCR seed to 5a finals and a Seed to 1a prelims puts me in a good spot :wink:

(202andrew) #6

I’m seeded in 1a and 5a, but I don’t think i’ll make it out sadly.


NOOOOOO!!! I was looking forward to meeting you haha

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #8

i might go :wink:


I am almost 100% sure that I am going, but of course things could happen.


I going this year again, for sure.


I am probably going.