who will all be at usa Nats!?

come say Hi to us we will have our new yoyo with us the Victory that comes out in the fall, what do you guys think?

ps I do want to know who is all going to NATs!

Well you know it works!

Welcome to the forum!

Why don’t you introduce yourself here!


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I’m going to Nationals. Since I won’t be running sound, I’ll have plenty of time to cruise vendor booths!

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we wont have a booth but we will be around for sure!

Huh, you changed it.

I can’t go. :-\

You may have to find me then. I’ll be rather easy to locate. Black hat that says “Studio42” on it, belt buckle that says “Studio42” on it(look for my logo), and odds are, at least one case on me that has the logo on it.

Or, if it’s like at a YoLex meet, look for the crowd of small kids following me around trying to get at my CLYW’s, OD’s and other sweet throws.

I’ll be there.

And every one on here

Werrd will be there. Come say hi.

Yeah, see you there Andrew!! I’ll be there too!

Sounds good.

Since I’m not running sound this time around, I can go cruise the vendor booths. ALL of them I hope!