Who is excited for Ed's 2019 TMBR "Failure is Unknown" Eh?

Anyone else excited for the 2019 “Failure is Unknown” version of @edhaponik’s Eh from TMBR? While everything that Ed or Colin/TMBR have been involved with tends to be pretty cool, I’m particularly stoked for this year’s model because it looks so stylish with the black laminate wood. In fact, it looks good enough that my problem might be not wanting to ding it up by, you know, carrying it everywhere and playing with it. To Ed, I’m sure that would be the biggest sin of all…

Come on @YoYoExpertGarrett get those things up on the store! Worlds has been over for like 2 days now. Shouldn’t you be caught up?


I’d be more excited if I knew how much they cost. No one will tell me for sure. Best report was $80?


This looks like black magic.

Still have to laser engrave the rest of them :man_facepalming: and I’m on vacation most of next week. I would guess we’ll have them online at the end of next week or early the week after.


I got one at wyyc it slaps

I’m just giving you crap, buddy. Enjoy the time off!


I mean… I’M excited lol.
They were 80 at WYYC. Which is undoubtedly a lot for a wooden yo-yo, but between it being a collab with UN, and the way Colin makes them, PLUS how they feel, play, and break in… I mean I know I could not be more biased, but I also sincerely think these are the best eH’s yet.

Colin’s approach to his craft is super special. For every yo-yo he makes, he creates a simple jig and the whole thing is done by hand on his lathe one half at a time. And then of course you’ve got the threaded axles & caps to match the threads on the halves (it’s kind of incredible to me that he’s able to make such great playing fixies in this way). I really see it like a surfboard shaper bringing a board to life and overseeing every step of the process - except these have to SPIN lol. But he has the same spiritual dedication to craft where he’s really considering the fact that they’re going out into the world to hit rad tricks and bring people joy.

Andre is just one of the most kind, giving, and multitalented guys I know. Lol he took that stall pic in Josh’s post of me at the Basecamp party, then the next morning when I came up to him, he was editing the photo while helping run the YYE booth between semi-final judging sessions, and being totally courteous to the yo-yo fans who wanted to come up and get a high-five or just have a word. And he’s like that EVERY time I see him - just chilling at the center of a hurricane.

And of course Bryan has this crazy ability to make a thing cooler by reconstructing it in the simplest, most elegant way. His UNKNOWN branding (and the eHnknown logo lol) is exhibit A, but he does that with yo-yo tricks and low-key hilarious joke delivery too. Everybody wants to do special editions with him, not because they love black and white, but because the idea of a person NOT wanting to hang with Bryan is just incongruous.

Anyway, sorry long post, but they’re just some of my favorite people, and just getting to talk & associate with them is amazing. The fact that said association results in getting incredible wooden yo-yo’s out in the world is a pretty wonderful bonus.


You spin a good yarn, sir. Hope I can afford it and am able to snag one.

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Mine comes in tomorrow!!! So excited :partying_face:


Andre is a class act 100% One of the good guys in a community of good guys

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A wood Unknown is definitely a very cool idea!

I “wood” buy one, but the TMBR wood screw axle style just doesn’t work for me personally. They look fantastic though!


Trying to see if I can scrape some extra coin together. Would like to add this to the eH collection. The spectraply is really cool, every TMBR I’ve owned with it has been really good. The response feels different than a solid wood, a little “grippier” I think. Do you think that’s the case @edhaponik ?

Worst case I can’t get one I’ll have to search one out later in the year.

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I love the TMBR screw, ceramic bearings, and dv888s.


You are a terrible man


How bout you get one, see if you’ve changed your mind, then when you realize that you’re too stubborn to ever alter your opinions, I’ll give it a good home!

Fine, you make a TMBR screw with ceramic bearing DV888 and I promise to buy and play it! :wink:


Mine came in!!!
Thanks to Ryan Elliott from Anomaly Yoyos for the assist :+1:t4:


Hopefully for that yoyo, failure of the axle system is unknown.

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So how does it throw @Ajolivarez? Give us a report!

I’d like to see some feedback first, but I’m debating myself on whether I should buy this or an Edgeless for my next purchase.