Who Inspires You?

Inspiration, one might say, is a very weird thing. I could easily say Jensen Kimmit inspires me and then try to copy all his tricks.However, to me that’s not what it is all about. Inspiration should give you new ideas and make you want to create a new combo. Somehow, now the term is being thrown around like candy. For me, once I found my real inspirations, original tricks were coming to me very quickly, and I was attempting new concepts. There are always amazing players, like Ryota Ogi, but I don’t find inspiration from him. Others might, great for you! All I am trying to say here is to find your real inspiration, as apposed to finding who is the best.

So who is your inspiration?

Probably shared by many here…but I have to say that of any one person, Andre has been my biggest inspiration. Sure, the amount of trick tutorials here aren’t by any means exhaustive, especially on the more advanced end, but what is there is just so accessible, clear, and informative. When you first start out it’s almost impossible not to be totally sucked in since Andre makes those tricks so easy to understand.

Zammy Ickler. I like to create new tricks and I guess watching 4 time trick innovator of the year and someone who has created more tricks than you can count on your fingers and toes three times over helps.

My best friend is mine. I might’ve taught him how to yoyo, but since then, he’s just gotten so much better, and whenever I see him throw, it just makes me want to go online and look up tricks to learn.

Pablo Picasso is my main inspiritation in life, music, yoyoing… everything.

Petr Kavka

I mean, how could that not inspire you?

All of you on YYE that are doing all those advanced tricks and being awesome!!! Noone famous really inspires me it just average people who can do amazing things

Anyone who yoyos inspires me because I’m not very good and I want to be able to tricks really good.

Charles Haycock

Anyone who will motivate me to grab a yoyo.