Help finding insperation for combos

I need help finding insperation for making up some combos.



The best way to find inspiration for yoyo-ing is to watch videos of players and find what style you want to emulate.

for me, my favorite yoyoers are Ernest Kahn (CLYW), John Chow (YYF), and Ann Connolly (YYF) all because of their style of simple moves and high speed that makes them look amazing.
they dont do really techy stuff like a player like Palli (CLYW) or Yuuki Spencer, but their stlye is really smooth and based off of simple elements. and thats what I use for inspiration when making new tricks.
Although Palli and Yukki are two of my biggest inspirations as well hahaha

So find a yoyo-er that you like, see what they do, and try to copy it while also adding some of your own perspective into it.

I make tutorials for combo elements!

This video, revolutionized my whips and slacks and stuff.
Along with some of your stuff, Alex. Well done posting this!