Who inspired you today?

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Interesting thread idea.

I find that as I go through my daily yoyo life, I am sometimes influenced with concept ideas from other players I see around, and I am sure for many of you its the same.

Keep in mind its not “copying” or “trying to be” them, but you just take subtle inspiration from style, technique, and elements.

So pretty much, share who inspired you to throw today, maybe some little concept you saw in a vid that you liked quite a bit and took to heart to try to figure out.

Ill start this out with this video I found the other day.

Its quite subtle, but if you notice at a tiny bit after the 1.06 mark, he does this little slack thing out of the combo. At first it doesnt look like much, but after a closer analysis, and a few attempts, I found this to be a bit of a difficult element, especially to string into a combo so effortlessly, and making it look good is a whole other story. Its one thing to pull if off, another to make it look smooth and classy.

Also around 1:27 was an interesting little concept where he gets into a red gt via a slack from the throwhand and dropping a string. I was experimenting with this and ended up actually finding an entirely different whip from there completely. Sometimes error and lead to new findings.

Anyways, continue on, post examples of something from a video or freestyle, a concept that jumped out at you and led you to create something of your own.
Stories, etc.



Just looking at my yo-yo always inspires me


lets see now… Tyler Severance, Ed Haponik, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Jason Lee, Augie Fash, my Itunes playlists, and sometimes i get inspiration by accident.




I woke up today and was surfing youtube, i came across this Augie performance. I had never seen this freestyle before. It got me totally pumped for throwing this morning. Amazing. You might want to hit the mute button though…


if you wanna see another great augie performance, look up " augie fash open division" those tags will bring up another california state video 5a 7th place… which im not quite sure why it turned out scoring that low

EDIT- nevermind… heres the link


Holy bejeezus… I had no idea Augie killed it so much at 5A… That WAS inspiring. thanks man!


Honestly My middle son Tanner did.

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I watch this everyday.


Your son Tanner did what Icthus? Also, in another thread you were saying he was sponsored by turning point, Is there any videos of him? I would like to see him throw.


Great vid josh. Love it.


I found this on the Caribou Blog over at the CLYW site. His name is Zach Gorton, and he was listed under an entry called “The Future”. I love the way he flows through his tricks. And he’s not overly fast either (which gives me hope). And after watching him, I can only imagine the twisted facial expressions I must make while I’m trying to land tricks.
Check it out


I think he was saying Tanner inspired him. Plus, Tanner is sponsered by String Theory Yoyos-he said it in my thread :wink: