Who here has a rare General Yo USA Edition Hatrick?


Thinking off Nationals makes me think of the coveted USA Edition Hatrick from a few years back. If you have one, please share! Thanks!


What is USA edition?
Is it half blue/half red?
If it is I’m realllyy mad I traded that away, and no one even told me it was special.

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No, you’re in luck. You’re just talking about the 2nd run Hatrick. You didn’t really trade away anything special unless you consider a regular 2nd run Hatrick special. This is what OP is talking about:

I think there were like 20 or so made. You don’t see them very often, even though that’s not very rare by General Yo standards.


I’ve always wanted one… along with an OG Torrent and a first run 5 Star which I will be receiving pretty soon. God Bless - Moefv

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Those are two I’ve also been on the look out for as well. I would settle for a really cheap Torrent II but that 5 Star is pretty bad ass.


Some general-yo yoyos might have had historically high (for GenYo) #s made but no one lets th go so they become rare by default and I think this is one of those.


I have one… don’t think I will ever get rid of it!

Was told by Justin (Vendetta) this was the proto (1st) USA colorway of the Hatrick that he did for Ernie before they did the small run


That is beautiful :o


Ugly, sloppy work. Seen better ano jobs by 12 year olds on here. Srs.

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  1. The photo above was a test run.
  2. Vendetta’s style was “sloppy.” Ernie knew what he wanted and he knew how Vendetta would do it, if he didn’t then he wouldn’t have gone to vendetta in the first place. This is how is was supposed to be made.
  3. You’re talking about Vendetta here. Possibly the most famed yoyo anno artist since Levi, the guy who painted the OG peaks.


I found a rather old post that shows this and one other oddity (awesome actually and I wish I could get it :slight_smile: ) in another post here so it was an early one or one that Ernie hand done differently either way awesome find!


That’s a nice lookin piece. Does it turn a light shade of purple when spinning?



That is beautiful.


I do not have one. But, I have a B grade half shown in this spinning shot:

Hatrickspin8 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


Mine looks very similar… just a lighter shade! Beautiful color when it spins…
And always been a fan of Justin’s work. Sloppy or whatever you want to call it… I think he did some of the BEST, amazing anodizing work! But it is just coloring some yoyo’s! :stuck_out_tongue:

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2 things

  1. Levi is an airbrusher, not anodizer.
  2. Jason Wong is more famed that Vendetta. I doubt many of the young kids on here have even heard that name before.


From the work from Vendetta looked amazing he came back on the scene for a little while but poor he went back off the grid.


I’m a kid and know who vendetta is and even have a yoyo he’s done :stuck_out_tongue:


I love these and if you’re willing to sell, I want to buy!!!