Who has an OG Torrent?

You know, these yoyos are honestly harder to find than OG Peaks. So, who on this forum has one?


I don’t have an OG torrent but I have a B-Grade torrent 2 half way close but no one probably isn’t interested in that.

Oh, abby abby abby. It’s more like .001% there. These things escape many’s yearning hands, it’s like trying to catch a specific grain of sand. And when you do find one, you better have your wallet ready because they go for as much as Peaks. If it’s a mint OG Torrent, welp :I

oh okay well my torrent 2 sounds similar its close enough IMO because it has the name torrent in the name! ;D

Acutally, if it’s mint I would love to buy it. I’ll pm you soon if you don’t see this. Anyway, Navythrow had a mint Torrent for sale a while back. His BST said the top offer at the time was $450. I’m pretty sure it sold though.

The Torrent II is the exact same yoyo as the Torrent I believe, except it comes blasted. General-Yo’s blast is a big part of what makes their yoyos unique in my opinion, and I don’t really want a Gen-Yo if it’s not blasted. I don’t see the value in the original Torrent beyond the collectability factor (that is unless I’m wrong about it having the same specs as the Torrent II, which I very well could be). I guess that’s what makes yo-yoing fun for everybody. Some people are really good at the actual act of yo-yoing, and some people aren’t that good, but have a great time collecting and learning what tricks they can (I’m part of the latter at the moment, although I wouldn’t really call myself a collector since I eventually have to sell my expensive yoyos to get the cash back, lol).

Yeah, T2 has the same specs as the Torrent. The only difference is that the T2 uses Hat Pads instead of Born Crucial Ghost Pads

Lets just say that my Torrent sold for more than that. Granted, it was a 1 of 3 very special OG Torrent, but still.

And for those who think the Torrent II and the OGs are the same except for the blast…I have NEVER played an organic that I loved more than the OG. It really was one of the funnest, smoothest, best playing yoyos I’ve ever owned. I’m still sad that I had to sell it, but selling it helped fund my house, and THAT is a priority that transcends yoyos.

I have owned 5 different Torrent II, and they don’t hold a candle to the OG. Would trade darn near anything out of my collection now to get an OG again.

Also, for drooling purposes…

Beautiful looking YoYo there NavyThrow. Shame you no longer have it. I love the Dual-Tone colorway.

And since we are posting pictures of OG Torrents, Let me get in on this.
They are one very rare bird, that for sure.

C’mon who else has one?

I’ve been trying to find one for 3 or 4 years and have had several opportunities to buy one just the cash wasn’t there. Still looking…

This thing really is a unicorn :smiley:

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Ok, I get these are extremely rare, maybe even OG peak rare, but are there seriously no more on these forums?!

there are probably some people that own them on the forums just they don’t want to sell them because there too awesome.

Oh yeah, they definitely are awesome. I’m not looking for people to sell them, just to show them off!

Everyones probably scared that as soon as they post someones gonna hire Liam Neeson to steal it from them.

heh heh “someone” heh

They just don’t want it to be taken.