Torrent II opinions


Hi, there’s someone selling his GenYo Torrent II B-Grades, and I have been wanting to grab a genyo.

I’ve read some reviews, there aren’t a lot, and it kind of leaves me hanging, so I kind of want to hear your opinions.

Btw he is selling it for about $50, and condition is mint/almost mint thrown a few times no dings.

(Owen) #2

If you want a genyo, I’d wait for the Majesty to come out.

It’ll be soon, I don’t have an exact date, but it’ll be soon.

But if you don’t wanna buy that Yoyo, it’s going to go for $120, than sure, get the Torrent.


Thanks. I’ll take note of that.

I originally wanted a 5* or a hatrick, but this came out, and based on some reviews I think its about the same performance level, so I wanted to ask the owners.


You cant go wrong with a $50 dollar Torrent hands down one of the finest throwing yos ever made. A definite must do on your bucket list man .


Couldn’t agree more. T2 is one of my favorite yoyos. Wonderful organic shape.


Wow. If I try it and I like them, I’ll probably get both! Colors are gray and pink by the way.


Here are some pics from him by the way.

I’m not totally sure if posting like this is allowed though.

(SR) #8

If you like organic throws go for it. But if you’re wanting more of a competition yoyo, wait for the General Yo Majesty to come out.


Do you mean that the T2 is more of a say chill out kind of player? And also why would the t2 be less fit for competition?


It is all about what you personally like man .T2 may not be 100 % aggressive horizontal beast yoyo but its 99.9 % kick ass. I have seen competitions won with plastic yoyos. Its more the man behind the string. And for 50 bucks its a heck of a deal. You will wont be in remorse my friend with the T2 in your hand.


why are they B-Grade is the real question in my mind…


A General-Yo B-Grade is A-Grade for most other manufacturers. I had a “plus-grade” Torrent 2. I could never figure out why it was not “A” grade. Felt smooth as glass to me.

I will agree with the other posters here. The Majesty is the next big thing from General-Yo and if your funds are limited - I would hold-out for that. It is one of the best from General-Yo yet. If you have the cash for both then you will have a great chill-out yoyo and one that can win you the worlds next year (if you know where it will be that is :-)).


Thanks guys. I bought it though, but just one. The finish is a-ma-zing. Wow. hehe. The bearing is a bit rusty and dirty though, didn’t clean it, replaced it with a concave ten ball and wow. Really smooth and I can still put in some combos even after grinding. I’m still a bit new though so those combos might not be as stressful to the spin time as really intricate tricks.


You will soon learn that most companies have insanely high standards for their yo-yos. Ernie is even higher than most others when it comes to his standard. He has dropped the B and + grades and now uses “Competition Grade” for what he considers less than perfect. His first run emerald green KLR is considered Competition Grade and I found it to be amazing with no defects what so ever.


If you get an A grade General yo…it is perfection in every aspect.


I find that there’s this slight vibe when I touch it with my finger, but can’t feel a thing on the string. I actually think that the vibe appeared when I opened to switch bearings. I might tune it after some time if the vibe actually happened to annoy me but I probably won’t be bothered. I can see the ano defect spots but it probably won’t be noticed when you don’t know its a B grade.