RARE buying opportunity for collectors! Do not miss out!


Welcome to my BST. Today I have a rare buying opportunity for all throwers. I may post more yoyos in the future so feel free to check back later. I think have the boxes for some of the other yoyos so if you want them just ask me and I’ll see if I still have them. Enjoy!

Anti Yo:

OG Bapezilla with original box. It has 2 smaller dings and some scratches, other than that it’s in great condition. -Offer

Business near mint has a few areas that have some small pinprick dings, as did not remove the anodizing. -100$


Original Hulk Smash Peak near mint (one very small ding that is in the pictures and some scratches). -250$

Angel Dusted Peak 1 flat spot- Offer


I have two Pre-production Torrent 2s. Both are mint. -Offer

Near Mint (one small pinprick that didn’t remove the ano) green and black Entheos (1 of 10) -Offer

YoYo Factory:

Mint clear anodized Supernova -Offer

B-Grade Rockstar has some dings- Offer

Miscellaneous YOYOS:

Monkeyfinger Evil-yo has dings. -Offer

(MWB) black One Drop Dang -100$

Here is the link to the pics there kind of blurry and you cant see the dings well so I could send you better ones if you desire.

As always ALL money offers will be considered!

                        peak :slight_smile:


A pre-production Torrent 2 is worth nowhere NEAR $250. That is completely outrageous


This may be true. However, all prices can be negotiated. All prices are high on purpose so that their is plenty room for proper negotiation. Remember all offers will be considered. Thanks for expressing your concern.


I’m sorry, but that isn’t a valid excuse. “Proper negotiation” is not exactly an adequate term to use when the proper price is well under 40% of your original asking price. You’re intentionally misleading those that might not be as knowledgeable on the price by setting the initial price that high.


I’m sorry you feel this way. What you are assuming is not my intentions. I have been ripped off on this forum before, so I would never rip anyone off. Because of this, it is wrong for you to allude to that. As previously mentioned if you do not like the prices I am open to all offers. If you have ANY offer to make I will gladly consider it. However, if you don’t then forever hold your peace. In the future please message me directly if you have any more problems or concerns.

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