Who can balance their yoyo's hubstacks on their thumb/index finger longest?


Only one hand may be involved.
List the Thumb time and the index finger’s time seperately, not combined, etc.
If you can balance it dead, go for it, but it must be spinning at start.
You must start with your fingers on your hubstacks and pull start it.
any stacks can be used, Say which kind, though.

Here are mine:

Thumb: 53 seconds

Index: 1 minute 50 seconds

YYF stock hubstacks, GM2

Have fun! If you have a black knight you can use the dimple as well, though it probably won’t compete…

Just a fun hubstack contest.

I did a few times when I got my G5 for the review I wrote, all on my index finger…

Hubstack pull start spin time W/ string attached

Hubstack pull start spin time W/O string attached

I’ll get better at balancing, I’ve had hubs for 3 days now… Just you wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa. Just. Whoa.

Not that good… Samad’s was around 6minutes


This is to see how long you can balance it one one finger like a pedestal. Not the longest pull start.

I can balance my Plastic Grind Machine Version 2 for the whole sleep time on my thumb and finger which is 3 minutes 30 seconds.

i got 1 hour and 5 minutes.
think. im kidding. we need a video contest or people will put stuff like this

no, not hubstack sleep time, balancing one hubstack on one finger with the yoyo horizontal.

There is a name for this trick, it is called a “Spin Top Grind”.

My record is 1:47 for thumb, 1:59 for index.

It’s also called a gyro stall.

That’s what I know it as. And my record on my thumb is about 5 minutes (Don’t remember the exact time)

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Hubstacks are for nubs, real men use spikes.

HSpin CUT spikes: 8 secs

Jonas did your finger get cut? I rmember people getting gashes on their head from hitting their head with CUTs. :-\