Do a yoyo with Hubstacks, reduce the spin time. Exemple genesis or genesis plus

Do a yoyo with hubstacks reduce the spintime? I really want answer. This could change my choice of buying a yoyo. :slight_smile:

I’ve never noticed a decrease in spin time when I have stacks on.

I haven’t done any scientific tests on it, but it shouldn’t significantly affect the spin time. Hubstacks are a totally seperate system from the main bearing. The only way I could see it maybe having some small effect is just from changing the weight distribution on the yoyo a bit.

Spin time alone is such an over-rated quality of throws. What matters is the effective trick time, which has a lot more to do with the player, the tricks they’re throwing, and the stability of the yoyo. It doesn’t matter if a yoyo can sleep for 5 minutes if it tips over after 2 string hits.

Technically, yes. Some spin energy is lost. However this is not enough to Hinder the performance of the yoyo. Many competitions have been won with hubstacks on the yoyo and there is also the added benefit of removing them to change the play characteristics. Ie a stacked genesis without stacks plays different to when they are on. 3 world titles have been won on hubs racked yoyos and each time different amounts of the hubstack assembly were on the yoyo.

Like Ben said you can remove the hubstacks, so I’d suggest you give it a try and, if you don’t like it, just remove the stacks.

Okay, thanks guys

Actually I heard hubstacks do indeed reduce sleep time by 5% they are fun but you sacrifice sleep time for it i put hubstacks on my genesis and they are pretty defective yoyos that come with hubstacks are better

It’s more like 4.79863522%, you were close though.

not if you take the hubstacks off… btw, this is a really old thread.

WAAAT??? You mean somebody posted a NECROE here???