Who are you most excited to see attending Worlds 2018?

(Ken) #1

With worlds 2018 coming up, I’d like to see which player carries the most hype. Comment down below because I’d like to see :slight_smile:


Bergy is love, Bergy is life.

(Jei Cheetah) #3

RYOTA OGI!! :smiley: so hype!

(Ken) #4

@HaruRay He’s so underated now, and hopefully it changes.


tbh Gentry, Colin, Evan, and Jason?

thurrs prolly more im missing :blue_heart:


I hope that Alex “Warp Speed” Garcia shows up at Worlds this year!

(André Boulay) #7

I’m really excited again for @Evan_Nagao just because his approach at Nationals worked so well and was such a solid routine. I think everyone who was in 1A finals at US Nationals could really hold their own on stage in China.

But I think who I am most excited to ‘see’ are possibly the players from China who we may not even know about. The new names that don’t normally get a chance to get on stage at Worlds from China. I’m thinking we could possibly get really surprised by someone (or more than one!)



(Ken) #9

Yeah, I really think the players from China need more attention from the yoyoing community too! I think they’re rly underestimated.


Evan Nagao, so far, is two-time U.S. National 1A Champ, beating out Gentry Stein both times, I might add. Plus, he’s the son of Alan Nagao, the founder of Team High Performance, the legendary 90s yo-yo demonstration team, of which two-time U.S. National 2A Champ Alex “Warp Speed” Garcia was the team captain.

(John D Wolfe) #11

This guy