Whizzicopter--- new beginner trick (i hope)

A really cool trick!!

  1. Start out holding string,dont put your finger through the loop.

  2. Now throw a gravity pull

  3. Now when the yoyo comes back up swing your arm up still holding the string and then let go of the string.

  4. Now the yoyo should go whizzing up in the air… you should hear the string whizzing.

  5. Now before it hits the ground catch the yoyo in mid air! That’s it! Hope you like it!

                           If you need a tutorial on video just reply on the bottom and tell me!

This trick is called Sky Rocket I believe…

Yup that’s Skyrocket, but I haven’t heard of the whizzing part, I’ll check that out, it sounds pretty cooL!

Dang it!!! everytime i make up a trick it is a trick!! lol

happens a lot. Just try being more creative and doing things people won’t easily think off. It’s great that you found it yourself though!

there’s already a trick that does that, but good ingieuity, though!