kite trick (warning not a vid.


I made another trick (my second) and it goes like this (sorry don’t know how to do a video) you start to do a brain twister mount but miss and land the string on the back of the yo-yo. you should have a small hole from where your finger is, stick your pointer, middle, and ring finger in that hole (back of your hand facing up)and take you non-throw hand out of the string, gently lift your middle finger to make what appears to be a kite on your throw-hand then you stick your pointer finger in between the one and two strings and push outward on the two strings. this should make it land in the left string side of the kite then drop the sting on your pointer and ring finger flip out and bind. I’m not sure if you got this or not I tried to be as descriptive as possible but if you did get it then you know it isn’t very hard or amazing. Just thought it would be interesting for beginners to intermediate yo-yoers.


Has anyone understood this trick I was trying to be as descriptive as possible