White Flowable Silicone

I’ve been using red permatex silicone on all my throws. The stuff works great but it’s not as responsive as white silicone pads. I want to find flowable white silicone. I tried this stuff: http://www.dap.com/product_details.aspx?product_id=8 but it didn’t work. Do you guys have any ideas?

Use clear flowable silicone. It’s not white but it will give you the response you’re looking for.

The DAP stuff doesn’t work good for what you want to use it for, unless what you want to use it for is to seal a sink, tube or shower. It cures slick and relatively “hard” from a response perspective. It does cure fast.

So, your choices are clear flowable, Monkey Finger Monkey Snot or pre-made white pads.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve used clear silicone before and I really didn’t like it. Does anyone know what silicone is used in k pads, snow tires, etc?

If you find some, let me know. I mean, it’s not like anybody’s inspecting your response area or anything, and clear is working fine for me… but given the choice, I’d also go for white. I’ve just never seen the option. (Probably because the stuff we use is meant for windshield repair…!)