Whistling Dixie?

I bought a 1930’s style big hole no name whistler off ebay for $9. Can’t get her to sleep long enough to whistle. I am thinking the axle is prolly a little ruff. How could I sand it? With a worn out string and some kind of sanding compound?

I also bought a new YoYo factory whistler. Well she whistles, but not very loud at all. Any solutions. I thought of angle drilling the holes the same size as they are so they would catch more air.


I would think that if it’s 1930’s style you would need to loop it to make it whistle

Like this!  Mine doesn’t have the graphics.


This is yo yo factory version



odd. I have the yyf whistling yoyo, and it whistles pretty loudly. maybe try throwing it a bit harder?

To smooth wooden axles I use the thicker packaging string. It’s white, probably about 1/16 in. thick. Take a piece about 18-24 inches long and wrap it around the axle a couple of times leaving equal amounts of string hanging loose on either side. Hold the yoyo between your knees. Grab each end of the string and pull it back and forth on the axle. A minute or so should be sufficient. No compound needed.

It’s all metal my brother.