Duncan Mardi Gras string Issue

I recently picked up a vintage Duncan Mardi Gras yo, I have wanted one of these for a long time and finally found a good condition one on Ebay.

When I received the YO it had broken string wrapped around the axle, I was able to get the string off and I re-strung this masterpiece, problem is its snapping string like no one’s business.

Is there any way to sand the axle down or is it just sharp on the inside? Or maybe its not meant to be played with and just admired.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

Yes there is a fix. From a long time ago in another time and place… Get some heavier cotton string, the type used for packaging. Cut a piece about 2 ft long. Give the string a full wrap around the axle leaving enough on each end to get a firm grasp. Hold the yoyo between your knees and pull the string back and forth around the axle 4-5 inches. Do this for a few times and it should smooth it out. This is an old trick from long ago…

Of course this assumes it is snapping at the axle. If it is snapping at the rim you need to lightly sand the outer edge of both halves.

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Thanks for the tip, It is snapping at the axle, I will try this for sure.