Hey all, been yoing for a month or two now… Trying to learn the whip tricks, but i find that when ever I throw the slack in the gap, it performs a bind and slams right into my hand.

Is this part of the learning process? I hope not…

Shouldn’t be. What yoyo is doing it? Sounds like the gap is too tight.

What yoyo are you using? It might be a responsive yoyo and thus unable to do slack tricks, or at least very very hard to perform slack tricks with.

Im using a yomega dash yoyo…
Anyone have suggestions on a different one in the 30-50 dollar range?

The dash should be good enough for whips. Make sure the bearing is clean, Try bouncing the yoyo and if it comes back to your hand but takes a little bit to grab onto the string, try cleaning it to free the bearing up and make it less responsive.

If that fails and you really want to buy a new yoyo, the Northstar or the Protostar are both excellent players for around $35 if you want to go a step up the Delrin SEVERE is an amazing Delrin throw. Others will suggest more than just YYF throws but they’re the only ones that I’ve had experience with that are sold on YYE in that price range.

alright, thanks. Im also watching a video right now on how to make the dash fully unresponsive, though I thought it was supposed to be.

I hated that throw, I lost my wooley for awhile and bought that as just a thro to keep me warm, I couldn’t do anyyy responsive tricks with it at allll.
that throw is POOOP!

I suggest a ONEstar or a POPstar, but the Protostar and Northstar work too.
POPstars are harder to learn with, but will make you land your tricks almost every time on any other yoyo. Also, I suggest using a certain type of string that is found here:

I LOOOOVE this string  :smiley: .