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How are they? Are they better than most bearings?


I have four normals, and a ceramic. They’re solid bearings. I haven’t had enough experience with others to really compare, but from my experience they’re pretty great for $5 bearings.


They are not better then most bearings. Probably the worst concaved bearing I’ve played and most unsmooth 10-ball bearing I’ve ever played. Not saying it’s bad though, it’s just not outstanding.

For $5 a bearng, or $4 a bearing if u buy the 4 pack, it’s definitely a steal. It’s still better then 8-ball flats but cheaper, plus it’s concave.

Lasts about as long as a generic 8-ball flat though, not very long. But again, for the price, it’s still a steal but if you are looking for a top notch bearing and price doesn’t matter, I wouldn’t recommend it


Just curious, what’s your “outstanding” bearing of choice on the concave end? Or, I guess better, what’s your go-to?


Main selling point is their price. Beyond that, it’s a gamble


Definitely a Dif-e-to KonKave, or even better the ceramic KonKave


I have one, its smooth, but plays more responsive than a kk or delta. The delta isn’t smooth but has the lowest resistance, the kk is in the middle, and the Whipple is smooth but has slightly more resistance.

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JD slipped me 2 in my order. I hope there at least ok. I asked cuz i had never heard of them.


A dollar cheaper then the YYE 8 ball bearing but plays more then a dollar better then it. Worth it to me.